... because I was looking for something more responsive than my current 10 year GT hybrid, and oddly enough, I found the Giant Roam XR2 to be - soulless? I know, a weird description, but it just seemed a bit out-of-touch, if that makes any sense whatsoever. A little too high and a feeling of disconnectedness from the ground.

I also tried an Opus Adagio - not bad. Much more road oriented than my old GT hybrid - I guess design influences have changed significantly over the years.

The difference between the two is about $400; the Giant retails for $900 and the Adagio for $500. The shifting is quite a bit smoother on the Giant - better components - but the ride doesn't feel particularly better and I'd almost say the Adagio is a more nimble and responsive ride.

Anybody else with this impression from their test rides on various hybrids?