hi guys, i have a 2012 trek 7.3fx with its stock nebula wheels. Now i dont know how crappy these wheels are neither do i know how much they really weigh. I am now thinking of getting better wheels so i can have that slight bump in speed. I use my bike mainly for commuting and some 20-30km weekend rides. I weigh 80kg.

what do you think about the aksium, fulcrum 7 and r500. yes, i know that these are all entry levels. i dont want to spend a lot right now as i am thinking of getting a new bike mid next year and will spend my money on that one. i have some spare change at the moment for any of these (they are pretty much in the same range) Im located in China and there are really not a lot of choices here aside from Giant. I am lucky as it is to be able to find a LBS that has these.

r500 is the cheapest of the 3
aksium and fulcrum 7 are pretty much neck to neck with a 30% price difference from the r500

its hard to decide as i am really new into cycling.. but tons of people has already told me that if i will be changing something to my bike..the wheels must be the one to be upgraded. thanks in advance