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    New to biking; advice for choosing Trek FX or Trek Verve

    Hi all,

    I have recently gotten into cycling for fitness and I'm saving up for an upgrade to my current bike: Motobecane Jubilee DLX (purchased used, not from Bikes Direct...and mine doesn't have the suspension fork). I bought it from Salvation Army, actually, and had it tuned up at LBS so it's running fine, but would like to get a better one.

    My needs: I ride on smooth pavement on a local jog/bike trail. I ride about 3 times for 30-45 minutes during the week and an hour or two on the weekends. I'm putting in maybe 3-4 miles on a weekday and 10 on the weekend. I have done a 20 mile ride but I simply don't have the time to do that most of the time, so 10 miles max is realistic most weekends. We also have a local state park with a trail that has rather rough/bumpy pavement that is about 6 miles, but we only do that once a month if that.

    My local LBS is a Trek shop, so I am mostly considering Trek but could go farther away to another store for more options. I like these guys and since they are close that's probably where I will buy.

    So Trying to choose between the Trek FX 7.3 and the Verve 3 (or maybe even the DS 8.3). I'm not sure if one would be better than the other given the miles I'm doing and the terrain. They seem similar to my newbie eyes, with the Verve seeming more "comfort" than the FX. For that matter, could I go to a lower model in these lines and still do well considering my mileage?

    Happy to provide more info; I appreciate your help!

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    I'd go with the FX line. Even dropping down to a 7.2 would probably be fine and is a super popular model. I say no to the others because a suspension fork isn't really needed on smooth pavement. The verve IS more a comfort hybrid with its suspension seat post and adjustable stem that I don't feel are necessary and I personally hate the look of them. Being that you're going on quick little rides I think it would be best to get a nimble hybrid with a rigid fork such as the FX. I have a bike with similar components as the 7.2 and go on much longer rides than you plan on several times a week.

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