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    2010 Dash 2 vs. 2013 Dash 3


    My wife and I are buying fitness bikes to join in on our gym's weekend cycling club. Our goal is to ride an event with big hills in the fall. We have settled on flat bar road bikes for different reasons. I would like to keep our bikes somewhat comparable so that we can ride together and have fun.

    I have settled on the Jamis Allegro Elite. The Jamis does not come in a 20" frame in women's, so that line is not an option for her (she wants a women's frame). One of my FLBS happens to have some 2010 Giant Dash 2s in stock in her frame size.

    So, that brings me to my question: their initial offer was to come down 15% off the original MSRP. This seems a little stingy to me, since the bike is 3+ years old, an ugly color, they have multiples, and it's an unpopular frame size. They obviously haven't sold it. Seems like they would be motivated to move it. They also offer the least in terms of discounts on accessories, etc when buying a new bike.

    My wife would prefer the 2013 Dash 1 color, but it isn't a deal breaker for her. No local stores stock the Dash/Rapid lines, so it would have to be a special order.

    It seems to me as if they upgraded the Dash 1 over the years and I'm not sure this old one is much better than the 2013 Dash 1. The main difference is triple crank/tiagra on the 2010 and double crank/Sora on the 2013. Both have carbon forks.



    It's getting to the point where I think I can order the 2013 at a store I like a little better for the same money as the 2010.

    There is also a 2012 Specialized Vita Elite at my fave local store - she really likes it, but I am concerned it's going to be significantly slower than my bike, especially over longer rides.

    What do you guys think?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Duster72 View Post
    Our goal is to ride an event with big hills in the fall.
    Then you'll prolly want the '10's triple. Despite the extra ring,the '10 will probably also be a touch lighter. The Vita seems a bit down in spec from the Giants.

    15% sounds a touch low,if it's that old and they have several in stock,but I've no idea what LBS's are like in your area.

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    They generally DOWNGRADE models over the year, not upgrade, in order to keep the price from increasing. While Tiagra is higher level component than Sora, I'm not sure how to compare 2010 Tiagra to 2013 Sora. I'm not sure how much better general bike specs have improved in just three years. Have you tried bargaining for the 2010 mode? You could offer 25% off and see what they say. Bartering for 20% off might be a good compromise.

    Looking at the specs.... it is difficult for me to compare. The 2013 is 8 speed and the 2010 is 9 speed. I think I would take the 9 speed as it's more popular/common than 8 speed (or so I've read on the forums). As for triple vs double, it will depend on the range of gears and the spacing. There are lots of gear calculators out there; I like Check the high and low. If you are going to do hills, lower gearing may be a benefit.
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