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    K2 astral 2.0 Maintaining and Repair

    Hello, I apologize in advance if any of the questions I ask are silly.

    First and foremost I love biking, used to BMX a lot as a kid (Redline 180 mini I believe) but due to unfortunate family related circumstances, I fell out of it and just continued to bike. Somewhere along the lines I stopped biking entirely and just got fat.

    However over the past year and a half I started riding again, love re-kindled, 10-20 miles 5 times a week. Ended up losing a bunch of weight (with the correct diet, 195 to 135 pounds, 5'5) after going through 2 "wally world" bought bikes within a period of 5 days I ended up investing 300 bucks into a k2 Astral 2.0.

    Introduction and story aside I'm starting to notice some wear (Rough spin when rotating the chain backwards, losing speed and non-smooth gear changes, more resistance than usual on the higher gears) despite riding for a while my experience with replacement and maintenance was very basic ( the only bike i actively maintained while I was a younger) and the bikes I would ride on the road were cheap wally world mountain bikes that I quite frankly did not care much about and weren't very fun to ride.

    The Astral seems different though, I knew that I would have to take care of it at some point and admittedly I have only done basic wipe downs as nothing in regards to performance has changed over the past 4-5 months, despite constant 50-65 mile weekly rides. Until now anyway.

    Specifications are as follows;

    FD - SR Suntour - FD8-XCC208
    RD - Shimano RD-M360, Acera
    CS - SR Suntour-XCC 28/38/48T w/Guard
    Gear shifter - Shimano ST-EF51, 21 Speed
    Cassette - Shimano MF-TZ21, 13-28

    Now the obvious here is "Do more maintenance aside from wiping it down"

    but my primary concern is replacing parts, maintaining specific bits and pieces of equipment. Identifying problems. Now I'm not entirely sure If I'm overthinking things, maybe I should start worrying about more intense replacement aspects when I invest in a better road bike down the road.

    I'll stop ahead and quit rambling, but I suppose the meat and potatoes of my question is this

    "What are some basics and good things to learn once you've invested more than 300 bucks into a bike you ride on quite actively?" and "What sort of compatibility issues should I look out for when I do learn how to replace parts?"

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    Visit the Park Tools, or Sheldon Browns, website. Discover more than you ever wanted to know, and become an accomplished bike mechanic.......

    "Retirement is the best job I ever had!" Me, 2009

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    Shifter(and brake) cables are made of twisted wire. As the bike breaks in,the cables get pulled tighter,and the wire twists a little tighter and lengthens(generally referred to as cable stretch,although it doesn't really stretch). This causes the shifting to be less accurate,and can even prevent you from shifting into some gears. The screws which control the limits of the derailleurs' movement can also loosen and cause shifting problems and chain drops. And chains do wear out. What you're describing sounds like the bike needs a tune-up,possibly a chain.

    As Wanderer stated,Sheldon's and Park Tool's sites are good places to find out what to do for your bike. There are also plenty of vids on YouTube. You could also do a Google search for co-ops or 'bike kitchens' in your area to find places that can show you how/help you work on your bike.

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