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    Schwinn Sporterra 2 or 3?(total normal)

    I'm a complete noob when it comes to bikes, especially hybrids. I bought a GMC Denali, which I'm sure a lot of people would drown upon however I actually really like it. Anyway I can actually still return it and I'm willing to save up another $200 to make like a $600 budget I suppose. I know the sporterra Is only about $500, but I saw one today and asked the guy about it, he didnt know if it was a 2 or a 3 but said it he got it for $350. Anyway it looks like an awesome bike, basically I wanna know what's the difference between the two? Or what's an even better hybrid bike for $500? Anything is appreciated. Thanks.

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    I'd ride the Denali for a while and do some more research before coming to any conclusions about what you really want to own. Get a feel for the kind of riding you are doing before making any decision. When you know what you want for sure, sell the Denali on Craig's List. You'll get some money for it, but, not everything you spent on it. It will be worth the loss when you have a better idea what you do want to ride.

    In terms of performance, there are a lot of bikes with decent components starting in the $400 range and you have lots of options (under $1000) that are best explored at local bike shops. Making online purchases would not be a good choice when you are a new rider. You can benefit from a local guru helping you with bike fit and other things, but, keep reading here and also check the manufacturer websites and product reviews.

    That Denali is 30 pounds. Almost anything else you ride will feel like a better option. With a little more experience, you next purchase will be an educated one.
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