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Is this older Specialized Crossroads worth $115?

Hey everyone, brand new guy here! I just picked up cycling kind of by accident. I've always been a runner, and I came down with shin splints while training for an October half marathon. I needed to stay out of running for a while and needed a way to maintain fitness...cycling it is. To my surprise, i LOVE cycling. But as of now, I am riding a borrowed bike from someone who wants it back soon.

I am trying to spend as little money as possible for now to make sure I am really into this. Maybe, after about a year, I will begin looking for a truly good bike. But for now, I came across this in my area:

Is this bike any good? is this a good price? I have heard good things about Specialized, but I'm in need of help. The size should fit me well.

Let me know what you think!

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The frame is more than 10 years old*- so long as there is no major rust issues, that should not be an issue. I say if the frame is in decent shape and it is mechanically sound... I'd consider it. Even if you had to do some updating of the components (excluding the wheelsets), it should still be cheaper than buying a comparable new bike.

*dug around bikepedia and the Crossroads has had aluminum frames and suspension forks since at least 2001. The 1996 model was cro-moly nad rigid- I did not bother to narrow it down from there.
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I think the bike would be very competent for what you need. It seems that a lot of people on this forum start on a hybrid and work their way into more specific cycling. At $115, you really can't go wrong.

Here are some of my thoughts on the specific bike:
- No matter what age it is, it is leaps and bounds better than any department store bike that would go for more $$$.
- The fact that it has trigger shifters is a good thing. My '95 Giant came with grip shifters and the trigger shifters are a great improvement.
- 21 speeds will give you a wide range of gearing. It's most likely mountain bike gearing but it will be good for general riding.
- It's dirt cheap. If you buy it for $115, put $100 of accessories on it, and put $100 in tune up/work into it; the bike is still about $135 less than a new baseline model.

- It's hard to know what shape its in exactly. It may need to be tuned, adjusted, cables, replaces, etc. However, at the low price, it's cheap tuition for learning to work on a bike. Between Sheldon Brown,, Park Tools, and Youtube, you can easily learn how to perform needed maintenance and adjustments on your own at no cost.

All in all, the bike would be a great way to get into cycling.
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Mite well grab the headlight and u-lock for $20 as well, good deal if all is in good shape and it fits you!
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Originally Posted by DEW21 View Post
Mite well grab the headlight and u-lock for $20 as well, good deal if all is in good shape and it fits you!

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Tange CroMo frames were excellent in their day. The bike looks like it's in pretty good shape. My guess is the owner went carbon and is thinning the herd. At that price, it is well worth it, even if it needs a little work, but, I'll be it is fine the way it is. Tange frames provide you with a comfortable ride.
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Thanks for the help everyone! I am out town today but I'm hoping to go check it out tomorrow. I'm thinking as long as it fits well and there are no major issues, I will pick it up and tune it up. I really appreciate all the insight, it definitely helped me make my decision. I'll probably be back in a few weeks to seek out component help!
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Old 09-08-13, 11:04 AM   #8
Bill Kapaun
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Make sure it shifts well.

I think those Suntour components date the bike to about 1990ish.

That cassette/freewhel may have the odd spacing where 3 gears use 2.8mm spacers and 3 use 3.0mm spacers.
IF so, you might have issues if you have to replace either/any/all of the rear shifter, derailleur or cog parts.
You'd probably have to do all 3 unless using friction shifting.
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That is a fine bike at a very reasonable price. If it fits you, I'd grab it and the lights and lock. The frame looks good from the pic but check that it hasn't been crashed. Mainly just look at the paint and make sure it is smooth everywhere and not wrinkled. Also check that the wheels are true. As long as the frame is good and the wheels are good, that is a good price even if you have to replace some of the parts. Like with any old bike, you'll need to overhaul it, replace the cables, and the chain.
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I picked up the bike today. The frame is in really good shape. Some scratches, but no rust. Shifts well. Wheels very true. After some cleaning up it should be fine to use for now. I think I will want to tune it up, replace cable, etc sometime this fall.

I took it out for a 15 mile ride and enjoyed it greatly. It is much lighter than I thought it would be, so I got really decent speed, for me.
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