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Hang in there impact, the quicks bikes are about as fun as a hybrid can be.
Thanks CBR, I appreciate it. I know there's always the risk but DANG, I didn't know it would happen so soon. However, I've learned a lot and like you said, I looooooove that bike & every ride just gets more & more fun. I guess I'll have a parts bike too, but also planning to see if it's possible to straighten the frame. (It's really just the right rear seat stay and not much). Then it *could* even be a backup/beater bike if (hopefully not) anything like this ever happened again.

But, yes, I don't plan letting it keep me down. In fact, I'll have AT LEAST the test ride today when I pick up the bike and may even do a "recovery" ride to loosen the joints after the fall yesterday & get right back on the horse, so to speak!