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    Bent wheel... fix or replace?

    My parked bike was hit by a car and the front wheel got bent... any possibility to fix or must be replaced?
    The wheel is Bontrager AT750, i can't find it anywhere, what should I look for in a replacement?
    Thanks for any advice!

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    A good place to ask would be a bike shop. No one on here would be able to give accurate advice without physically holding and checking it.
    Edit...Your local Trek dealer would be able to help with the same replacement if need be.
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    Just on principle, the wheel should be replaced, and paid for by the car driver, if you can find them.

    I would take the wheel to the shop and see what they say.

    Many Bontrager parts that come on bikes are not available to the after-market, but probably has something similar with a different label... The dealer will have something appropriate.

    If you really want to search yourself, there are a few things to look for. I haven't tried looking up the wheel, but some things I would consider for a replacement. There are probably other factors, but these will get you pretty close.

    1) Rim
    a) size (both diameter and width)
    b) Rim brake surface?
    c) color
    d) Profile (so it looks similar to the rear)

    2) Hub
    a) type (disc or not?)
    b) color

    3) Axle type (quick release/through etc.)

    4) Spokes
    a) Number of spokes and pattern I would go for what I wanted, not being overly concerned with what the old wheel had
    b) Same color as rear wheel
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