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    Sirrus Sport - Component Upgrade Suggestions

    I have been eyeballing the 2014 Sirrus Sport and am going to order one tomorrow from my LBS. I opted for the sport over the elite because for the $230 price increase, you only get:

    • Carbon fork with Zertz inserts - no biggy to me, not sold on the carbon > aluminum thing
    • Rapid Fire shifters instead of the EZ Fire - only a $5-10 upgrade
    • Shimano crankset instead of Suntour - the only part that I wondered about, but found the Shimano crankset for $55
    • Alivio rear derailleur instead of Acera - can buy the Alivio for $5-10 more than Acera on most parts sites
    • Internally routed cables - can't imagine having to fish new cables through the tubes on my own!

    My question is, what upgrades would you suggest? I'd like to get upgraded front/rear derailleurs, a new crankset, and maybe even a new cassette. But what would you specifically recommend? Sram? Shimano Deore? What should I look into that would fit this bike (plug and play)?

    Any advice would be appreciated!

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    Don't do anything, until they wear out (which might be awhile), and then upgrade. MHO

    FWIW, I would go for the same model, in the disc version - for the same reasons................

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    You've rather overlooked something here. The component differences between the Sport and Elite models are, largely, of no consequence -- components wear out.

    The frame/fork are the heart of a bike. That is where the significant difference is here: the Elite has an E5 frame, as well as a carbon fork. That frame is lighter/stiffer/stronger than the A1 frame on the Sport; it is consequently both more efficient and -- over the long-haul -- more comfortable (the tubes' wall thicknesses/shaping will dissipate road noise more effectively). The fork will help as well; I for one can't stand the ride feel of straight-bladed aluminum forks.

    None of this may matter to you, and that's fair enough but there is a significant difference between the two and that alone would justify the price differential for me (as it did when I bought my 2010 Sirrus Comp).

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