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    I'm shopping, too.

    I don't have the experience that everyone else has, but I did test-ride a 7.5 FX on Saturday. (I did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express, though, so don't expect too much from this post.)

    In my on-line shopping I had decided on the 7.5 because I want a compact crank. My '87 Schwinn has a 48/38/28 crank with a 14-30 six-speed freewheel and don't like it. The 7.4 is 48/36/26 with an 11-32 9-speed cassette. That top end ratio is higher than mine, which is good, but the low end is significantly lower, not to mention more abundant.

    The FX I rode on Saturday had a 50/34 crank and 11-34 cassette. I almost fell in love. There were some steep hills in their humongous and deserted parking lot, but the FX is so light I didn't need the lowest gears.

    My Schwinn weighs 31+ lbs, and they told me this particular FX was +/- 22 lbs. (it had some stuff strapped onto it). Also, wheel size comes into play here (FX's 700c vs. Schwinn's 26") but you can get an idea why I'm not interested in all those hill climbing gears. If I were in Denver or Knoxville I'd have a different opinion.

    The FX may be where I settle although I'm keeping my options open for another week or two. You won't go wrong with either 7.5 or 7.4. It's the best bike I've ever ridden--but I hope to ride a Domane 2.0 next week!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lanovran View Post
    The Dual Sports will also have the new DuoTrap S compatibility, along with a frame redesign to give them a more aggressive look and greater standover room, while maintaining the DS's current neutral geometry. There may be some nice new paint schemes, too.
    Thanks for that.

    I really think the DS line could do with some new paint schemes.

    Also I've noticed it seems like Trek, Giant & Specialized all work on a 2 year cycle for their most popular lines, where they make relatively significant changes after two years and the following year is just a continuation with different paint schemes and minor tweaking of componentry.

    Giant introduced a signficantly different Roam XR 0/1 for 2014 and their 2015 models seem only to be a new paint scheme.

    Trek's 2013 DS line had a different frame to the 2012 DS line, and the 2014 DS just had a different colour scheme, with 2015 now due for some changes.

    So Specialized who have run with the same CrossTrails for the last two years, should have a new model CrossTrail for 2015 that will be interesting to look at too.
    Pray for me. I have fallen into the clutches of the “Steel is Real” crowd, and I don’t know if I will ever be able to escape. - Goes and buys Aluminium framed bike.

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