Sorry for the newbie question. I did a search and didn't find anything this specific.

I looked online and did not see any sort of side by side comparison. I'm posting as I've seen some insane photos recently of Cannondale Quick bikes that some of you own.
I've got a '14 Trek 8.2 DS that came stock with Bontrager AT-750 wheels. I love the look of the Element Xero's that come stock on the Cannondale.
Does anyone know if this would be any sort of an "upgrade" or would I actually be going backwards?
i.e., does anyone know which is the better wheel set? ...and I'm not even certain what "better" is.
lighter? stronger? better materials? better construction?
I'm not dissatisfied at all with the wheels on my Trek. I'm only asking the question because I think the Xero's look fricken cool.

I ride mostly packed gravel rail trails (I'm in Wisconsin) and some packed dirt and street.