Ok....so I started my winter home rides on my Performance Bike rollers. This one is very similar to what I have. Mine also comes with resistance unit build in, but other than that is pretty much the same. I love it btw...
Elite Parabolic Rollers
I rode on it today for about 3 hours. Speed was probably around 13-14 mph, since I was using same comfortable gear choice as I do on my outside rides. Riding on Vittoria Rubino tires, which are semi sleek, and when it comes to the middle portion of the tread design - it's pretty much like sleeks.
Here is my problem. The amount of black rubber dust under my rear tire was way too much. I don't think the rear tire will last long this way. These tires will last up to 2000 miles when riding outside on all kinds of surfaces, so really durable and long lasting.
Both front and rear was on the low side of recommended pressure, and I'm a big guy at 275 and 6.3. Front was perfectly fine...no wear there.
I wonder what is your experience with tire wear on the rollers. What is the safe/comfy/tread saving recommended pressure while using rollers? What kind of wear you guys experience?

I will switch Rubino to older Zaffiro to save my favorite Rubino.