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    Advice needed to start riding again.

    I haven't been on a bike for about 25 years and the last bike I had was a mid-late 80's Schwinn Le Tour. Since then I've spent way too much time in a desk chair and managed to put on weight. I started putting in time on my stationary bike and have managed to drop about 25 pounds and now would like to get back outside on two wheels when the weather gets better.

    Background info:
    Age: 54, Height 6'3", Weight 258 at the moment.

    I'm looking to get in some rides for fun and fitness. Plan on riding paved trails, trips to the coffee shop, probably not a lot over 5-10 miles at any one time.

    I'm looking to stay within a budget of $400-$600. We have several bike stores in the area so that is an advantage in that I should have some selection. I've been reading the forum and it sounds like the Giant Escape 2 or 3 give you good value for the money. Other than that, I've been reviewing Trek 7.2 FX, and the Verve 2 or 3. There are also Fuji and Cannondale dealers but I'm not all that familiar with the products or if anything is in my budget and right for me.

    I'm hoping that someone can give me some advice on what might be good for me based on my age, height, weight, etc and the kinds of rides I'm looking to do. Thanks for any help or advice.

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    Sounds like you are on the right track. Go for a few test rides and get a sense of what feels good to you.

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    So far, other than a little weight left to lose, sounds like you don't have any other problems...... and also sounds like you don't want/need suspension, which is a good thing.

    You are on the right track looking at Escapes, and should also consider FX from Trek, and Sirrus from Specialized. Also look at other mfrs with similar offerings, and ride them all, and reride the ones you like. The Escape 1, at 650 is an excellent choice and value and is a lot more bike than the 2..... as is the Sirrus Sport Disc for just slightly more, at around 700... Right now is still off season, so price should still be negotiable, and will even better prices on last years model.

    One should jump out at you as the best for you......

    At Clyde proportions (me too) you want at least 32 spokes in the rear wheel, even preferably 36, with 32 in the front. 32 to 35mm wide tires will be more comfortable, and have higher capacities. I like 9spd rears, and triple front rings, as they offer you lots of gear choices, and still reasonably cheap to repair/replace. 10 and 11 spd will be more expensive. I like Disc brakes, because they are the future, and offer awesome stopping power in all weather.

    Realize that you will have to change some things, to make it yours, and that is expected.

    Don't push too hard in the beginning, but the exercise bike will definitely help - try to get up to two hours on that beast, and you will be good to go!

    Have fun in your search, and you might want to hold off until you can afford $800-1000, as that buys a lot more bike. Buying the most bike you can afford will pay dividends during your ride, and increase resale, if you want to change. In bikes, more dollars gets you better componentry, and improved usage.

    Visit often to ask questions, offer comments, get or give advice, and take your time.

    p.s. almost forgot - at Clyde proportions, make sure the dealer rechecks those wheels for true and tension, and then rechecks and stress relieves them. Bigger guys need to take extra caution when it comes to wheels, and let them know up front, that you are VERY concerned, and expect the wheels to not be a issue.
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