Hey guyz,
I am from Toronto canada , mainly markham.
I got a haro backtrail x2 last year and thats when i really got into bmxing.
Luckily for me they also built a skatepark, right up my street, so thats preety awosome.

I cant really do much, i mean i started last september. I am learning to 180 outa the bowl and do fakies kinda.

I can drop in on a 6 feet bowl..
I cant do any flatland, except just well a little bit.
I am jsut trying to get that 180, and practicing on my bunnyhops.

I am thinking of starting a site to have people upload their pictures and public could vote for like 'hardest trick' or 'best looking trick' and stuff like that. Winner gets prizes. I dont know though. What do you guyz think?

thats preety much it. Hope to post a lot here.