Hi I'm Ryan. I just recently got an old Schwinn Varsity (79 I think) and I got the cycling bug again. I used to have a Dyno Compe all tricked out, but that got old once I grew over 6'. I'm 21, 6'5" now so this Varsity suits me well, can't beat a bike that was handed down free, made in USA, and durable right? The chrome gear guards are like brand new, a few scratches on the green metallic paint. My dad swapped the handle bars to more of a cruiser instead of a racing style, and it weighs about 40 lbs.

I sold my Dyno about 3 years ago, spoiled by car/bus, and totally out of shape. I am about 175 lbs thanks to my metabolism but I could't run for my life. I've had this bike for a week and I've put over 120 miles on it going to work and up and down the lake.
So far all I got was a new seat, tire, lock, and lube for under $70. I still need lights and a rack or wedge. I will try to take a picture of my antique vessel later.
I've entered yet another money pit but at least I will be in shape.