I'm in Philadelphia, and generally do a bit of recreational riding and (starting last year) I do a nice-weather
32 mile bike commute home. Otherwise I generally only get to ride on the weekends and occasional midweek errands (e.g. 2 miles each way to pre-purchase reserved-seat movie tickets). Otherwise
I've never ridden more than 40 miles on a single ride, though I hope to try one of the 50-75 mile
organized rides sometime htis year.

(the rest of this post is copied from what I posted earlier on the Commuting forum)

Today is the first day of the second season of my semi-long 'recreational' bike commute. I have a 1 mile bike to the commuter rail station, a 45 minute train ride, then a 3 1/2 mile ride to work (including a nice downhill where I reach 40 mph woo hoo!). I arrive at work in the AM barely breaking a sweat.

For the PM ride, it's 32 miles home. The first 9 miles are moderately hilly, with maybe 500 ft of climbing. After that, it's a blissful 23 miles on a flat riverside paved trail (Schuylkill River Trail). It takes me between 2:07 and 2:20 depending on wind, etc. I have a Giant Cypress hybrid.

Last year, I did this ride 10 times during the spring & summer, I just picked the nicest day of a given week and did the ride. I lost 17 lbs (intentional) over the past year. I never made it to doing this ride 2x / week.

This year, I count 20 possible weeks before the daylight doesn't match my schedule. Maybe I'll get up to 2x / week, weather dependent. My goal is 15 rides this year, but maybe I'll be able to do more.

True, it's not hard-core daily long commuting, but it meets my needs and goals, and 32 miles isn't a light ride either!