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    I just started riding again after a long 20 year lay off. I use to have an a Nishiki Kodiak (Which my younger brother still rides), and a Bianchi 12 speed. Designation unknown. I rode everywhere. I didn't even own a car for years. A group from work were looking for recruits in a reduce green house gases thingy. The plan is to commute from home to work, and back again. They have some sort of program that will show us how much less pollution we put out into the environment by doing this. We may even win prizes!!

    I bought a slightly used Kona Smoke. It sure is a plain looking duck. I just need a few accessories yet. Helmet, racks and a bag or two, and a big U lock to keep everything where you left it. This should be good fun!! I'm guessing my backside is gonna get tenderized until I toughen up a bit. Wish me luck. Ciao for now!!
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    Welcome. Is that Windsor Ontario? Have you checked out the Commuting sub-forum?

    <edit> Sorry--just saw where you said twice that you are in Ontario. I'm from Detroit originally. We used to visit Windsor and Ontario often. I remember walking across the Ambassador Bridge and watching the Freedom Festival fireworks in Windsor.

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