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Thread: New in Texas

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    New in Texas

    Well, here it goes. I've been reading on this forum for about a week now I guess, and it seems pretty cool, so I thought I would join in. I bought my bike (raleigh crest) originally back in 92' (I think....give or take a year) and never really got to get into very much. It was a long drive from my home town to get anywhere to ride off road (which is what I really enjoy) and then I moved to Texas and had a lot of things going on and never really had time (I can make time). Anyway, I've spent some money on my 10 year old bike now, and have gotten back into riding in the last two months. My brother and I are riding on the weekends on some local dirt trails, and just started a group ride on paved trail...road this past week. I really enjoy riding, and am glad that I can finally get into what I tried to get into 10 years ago. I have a lot to learn about the sport, and this seems like a pretty good place to meet some people with the same interest, that I can learn from. A good day to everyone, and look forward to being involved in some good threads.


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    Welcome to the Forums. Glad you decided to get riding again. And, riding with someone is fun, too.

    Have fun at the forums!
    "....You have to have faith that if you're doing the work now,you'll get there sometime."
    - Nicole Reinhart

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