Hello everyone,

I'm Paul and this is my second season of "serious" bicycling. I went to my LBS and purchased my first "real" bike last year and really got into it (an '04 Trek Navigator 300). I had trained throughout the winter in order to get in shape for that purchase. The Bike was my reward!

I commuted about 5 miles each way to work (more on the nice days!). This year a friend said that I would really enjoy a road bike. So, I added an '04 Giant OCR 2 and am really looking to adding some miles to my jaunts. I'm going to use the new bike for my commutes and reserve the Navigator for the rough trails in Greater Grand Forks.

The forums have been immensely helpful in teaching my about everything from commuting and touring to bib shorts and rain gear! Thanks for the help!

-- Paul