Evening Gang,

Been lurking for quite a while, and want to introduce myself. I'm 47ish, live in Clarksville TN, and am getting back into cycling after being out for about 10 years. I'm a tourist type rider, not a racer, but have always enjoyed the feel of a good bike.

My current bike is a Cannondale T800. I should be getting it tomorrow, got it for a song off of ebay, and I don't sing that well. If you want to see it, here's a link My New Bike I feel like I got a good deal on it, and I did get a bit of a break on the shipping. I can see some things that are getting changed out pretty quick, like the pedals, and maybe the shifters. I'm fond of bar ends, but we will see how I adjust to these first.

Bikes I've had in the past have included a Nishiki (Think it was a Sport, but it's been more than a few beers ago in my past, and those brain cells may have died), a Specialized Sirrius, back when it was more of a sport bike than it's current incarnation, a Trek that I LOVED, don't know what model, but I bet someone could tell me. It had full braise-ons, a triple crank with half-step gearing + granny, Suntour Components, and it was the most comfortable bike I've ever had. It may well have been a 520. I've also had an REI Mountain bike, and the assortment of various bikes as I was growing up, including a Raleigh 3 speed, (back when it was a good brand), a Sears "Chopper" bike, with 5 gears, and a stick shift like a car on the top tube. (I suspect the lawyers wouldn't let that go out the door today ) The thing that I recall most from that Sears bike is that I think it was made of solid steel, none of this whimpy "tubing" that everybody uses nowadays. This was back when Bikes were Bikes, and we rode them up hill to school both ways in the snow, even during the summer, yada-yada )

My long-term goal is to do a transcontental ride when I'm 50, and I've already talked to my company about taking a leave of absence when it comes around. Until then, I'll have to settle for what I can get. Looking forward to learning some things here, and not make

Happy Trails