This is my first time posting on this Forum. I live in the greater SF Bay Area, and have for the last 58 years. My bicycling interests probably got started in the 50's, as I always had a bike and was always on it. My first good bike by was a Mercier, which I crashed while riding at nite in the dark when I was younger..... .
After that, I bought a 70's Motobecane Grand Record (531 tubing) frameset and built it up w/ Campy SR components (which I still have). Then, I started riding continuously for about 25 years. Since then, I have gotten several other bikes, including a Colnago, a Mondia, & and a Cinelli. Due to some health issues I have been off the bike for a couple of years and feel that it's time to start up again.

I have been married for 24 years, w/ 1 daughter, and just became a Grandfather.
My other interests are playing & making guitars, skiing, & some photography.