Hey everyone. I thought I might join into this group since I want to get into some more serious biking. Where I currently live, there is a skate park and some woods. Well, the skate park crew had built some jumps in the woods. I started getting some more time in on trail riding out there. I've actually been out there every day the last few weeks. Because of that, I've been wanting more. By the way, I'm 16. Young you could say.

Right now, I have an X-Mart bike (Mongoose XR-350 which the left shift lever got sheered off of tonight. Call it reckless street biking behind some stores.) and I plan on getting a "real" mountain bike. Most likely, I'll stick with a hardtail since I plan to go for budget.

I've been looking into putting in some new large jumps for the woods around here. So I have something a little more interesting to do out there. Also, I've been forgetting the trails so I can just off road through the trees.

Over all, I've just been wanting more out of biking and decided now is the time. So I'll see you people around.