I'm Aaron and I live in Fresno, more commonly referred to as the ugliest city in California. I started riding bicycles again about 2 years ago and can't believe I had forgotten how much fun it is. I currently ride an 04 Specialized Allez Pro. I also own a Cannondale Bad Boy which is soon to be listed on Ebay since I pretty much never choose to ride that bike any longer. Previous to these two bikes I purchased a Kona Smoke and promptly stripped and rebuilt it into one ugly and janky single speed. Unfortunatly this bike is not currently being ridden because I robbed a bunch of parts off of it to build up an 8 speed franken-bike for my girlfriend.

To support my new found biking habit I spend some of my free time working at Tri-Sport Bicycles www.tri-sport.com in lovely Fresno, CA. We deal mostly with Specialized, Serrota, Orbea, and Trek. My "real" job however, is being a computer geek for the City of Fresno. Which is quite an interesting position to be in considering I don't know **** about computers. That's not quite accurate, but the guys I work with sure make me feel dumb fast.

I joined the forum as a place to get good information and advice concerning fixed gear bicycles. Hopefully this month I will either purchase a complete build (Lemond Fillmore), or build up a Surly Steamroller myself. As I search past posts I'm sure I will find several other bikes to consider and look forward to all of the advice and information I may recieve from current members.