Helen here. I've been a casual road biker...Maroon Bells and back, a few times a summer and a beginner mountain biker for 7 years. Nothing very inspiring. 2 months ago, whilst driving back from Mill Valley, California...a journey I make a fair bit, I decided that I was going to do something worthwhile for a change and would get into shape and RIDE to Mill Valley next time. So sure enough I am in the process of buying a Cannondale T2000, I think, and found this site by accident,praise the lord. I'm riding 6 days a week, with weekly increases and have spent about 6 hrs reading this forum, since I found it 2 days ago. I'm gonna do the journey alone and stay in hotels. Already my life has changed and I feel this is a turning point for me. Very excited to be doing this, learning, getting in top shape, having a worthy goal and looking foward to a trip of a lifetime, that might not be my last.
My regards to one and all, and especially those embarking on their first big trip. Looking foward, also, to lots of chatting on this forum. Thank you Joe Gardner!!!!!!!!!