Hi, all. I am the community librarian for a small town in Arizona. Back when I was in the Navy, I did a lot of riding (road bikes), including some racing. I rode all over the US and Europe. However, after getting out, I left biking behind. About 5 years ago, I attended a sale of the contents of storage lockers that were confiscated for non-payment of rent. While there, I picked up a used Trek 2300 (for $10.00). I stuck it in my garage, where it has stayed until just recently, when I decided to start riding again. It is missing the shifter/brake lever for the rear, needs new cable, tires, and tubes, and a shorter gooseneck for the handlebars, to bring them farther back. The bikeshop I go to figures about $200.00 in parts and labor. After that I will be back on the road. Until then, I commute to work on a Mongoose XR-100 MTB.