I just signed up as God of Thunder aka Thor.. coz I love slamming down Repack (of Joe Breeze renown) at breakneck speed, I am on a personal name basis with every rut, boulder, and bead and think it is still the best and fastest downhill in Marin county.. anytime of the year! awesome. Hey anyhow.. I love to mountain bike more than just about anything and would love company day or night rides.. Tamarancho is a pretty good quick little jaunt.. and now with the new Sherwood trail going in.. hey.. I can ride all the way to work on dirt, that's 12 miles each way.. as long as I ain't a sissy and do the climb back up Big Rock ridge going home.. ouch! Always on the lookout for peeps to hookup with for long rides out of the area too. I am headed up to ride the Umqua trail in Oregon in late July.. should be good times. huge amount of downhill... along the river.. very cool. A shout out to my boy Torrin Danger who is dealing with being blind after being tagged by a hit and run driver.. it's a messy situation.. but hey.. Thor knows justice or karma always win... one way or another.. one time or another.. gimme a shout if you wanna ride boys and girls!
thanks for the invite and hookup to this awesome site!