I like this introduction concept. On other forums I am on, like Coffeegeek, it took way too long trying to figure out where different people were coming from. Anyway, I am 56 and live in Austin, Texas. I love to ride. I am little old-fashioned. About three years ago I moved into the 21st centrury, giving up my venerable Olmo with Campy retrofriction and going to a Colnago with Ergopower. Wow, what a change! The bike frames "feel" about the same, and my Nucleons with CX tubulars feel like my old Sigmas, but a lot of things are big time different...lots more gears but more importantly Ergoower is so easy to shift that I find myself using ALL of my gears. I LOVE carbon seat posts and forks...it's enough damping that I am not as beat up after long rides as I used to be. The new dual pivot brakes actually stop you,. Old Campy brakes just "modulated" your speed. Anyway, Viva technology!

I have been riding many, many years. I got serious in school in LA in the 60s. To me the perfect day is hot weather and nothing to do but ride. Although Austin has a lot of cyclists, it is not a particularly bike friendly town in close. And out on the hills, the cyclists are not particularly chatty. In flatter towns cyclsts tend to be chattier. I miss that. Also Austin is full of triathletes. All they want to do is go fast.

My schedule is busy on weekend mornings when most of the clubs ride. So I am always looking for folks to ride with me. I notice in Texas everybody on two wheels make a point of getting out on Thursdays in the evening. Is that true other places?

Anyway, I love talking bikes...history, racing, parts, training...whatever.