Howdy from the Rockies!
I started posting in this forum before introducing myself properly. I'm a rapidly-approaching-40 guy with a fairly diverse background in cycling. Starting with BMX racing in the 70's, I moved on to road cycling, mountain bike racing (both XC and DH, all amateur) and even did a several season stint as head mechanic for a christian mountain bike team. After being out of the cycling world for quite some time, I found new interest in a "chopper" bicycle project. Taking a job at a local shop again, I'm gathering the parts to build up a pseudo-replica of a 40's era Indian "bobber".

The frame is an aluminum Diamondback Della Cruz 1.0 that I will be modifying to fit 26X3.0 slicks mounted on Surly Large Marge 65MM rims. I have already obtained a Shimano Auto-D 4-speed automatic internal hub, and through another forum, linked up with a German gentleman that found the adapter I need to run 8" Hayes hydraulic discs on it. I am still working on obtaining it, but the fork is hoped to be a Girvin Crosslink, which very closely resembles the forks used on that era Indian motorcycle.

I am still researching parts and materials for aluminum skirted fenders, a custom chainguard, an electric motor front hub, batteries stowed in leather saddlebags replete with conchos and fringe, custom polishing on many of the parts, custom chainguard, double kickstand, "dash" panel with an embedded 7" LCD touchscreen as output for an onboard computer concealed in a custom tank, stereo system, working turn signals and lights, security system....the works.

So before you say it....yeah, I'm nuts. I still think it will be the coolest.