It's not all horses here! Donna (wife) and I moved to the Louisville area in 7/03 from the Baltimore Md. suburbs. We had been mtn.biking mostly, but may purchase road bikes also, as there are not as many trails as "back east", and they are further to get to. We have 2 dogs-Astro (Corgi-mutt), and Angel (a very inappropriately named Chihuahua), a creamette lovebird (Sunny-B), and Belle-a Paso Fino- Tennessee Walker horse. Donna's into gardening, bike and horseback riding, and pets. I used to fool around with photography, was an ok guitar player(that's a matter of opinion), enjoy riding and our pets. I'm also lucky enough to be mechanically inclined and maintain our bikes, and do most of the minor repairs around the house. We both are members of the over-50 "club", and have been lucky to have been blessed with good health. BikeForums seems to be a great site-glad to be here!