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    Hi. I am glad that I finally found a bike forum

    I like bikes very much.
    I dont know why I never thought to look for a forum before.
    I am 41 and cant seem to find people that like mountain bikeing as much as I around here so I go out alone most of the time.
    I like technical trails.
    I have been riding old junkers (road bikes) all my life and just discovered how fun a mountain bike can be 3 years ago.
    I had a Brodie Bandit that got stolen and now I ride a Iron Horse Axion that I picked up for $300 Canadian
    Its all I can afford right now.
    I go to college in my 3rd year in Marine Engineering.
    My wife is looking at a used Haro v-1
    We tried cheap Canadian Tire bikes in the past for the kids but they could not even stop when they are new.
    We tried a Sport Chek bike for $200 but we were disappointed in that also. It too could not stop amoung other things
    We have decided to only buy semi brand names
    We will ask in this forum
    I will go now and explore the site and figure out how to ask questions and I will pose a question or two to you.
    I'm sure I will enjoy this place very much

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    Hi Frankiee,

    Welcome to BikeForums!

    You have not found a bike forum, you have found the bike forum!

    Glad to have you with us!

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