Hello all, My name is Rob, and Im new to cycling.. in a sense. I did "Le Tour De Tucson" in Tucson Arizona when I was younger.. but only once, nothing major..

I really really want to get back into cycling, I'm in great shape so riding in extreme conditions wouldnt effect me that much. Im buying a decent but cheap MTB this weekend. Im in the Air Force right now, waiting to go to boot camp (july 19th) and after that im going to fork out money for a NICE bike.

I love MTBing, never did the Roadie thing much.. but I love both, and im torn between the two. I saw the Air Force has a Roadie team, and so I am going to try my hardest to make their team, and do that as my career for the service in my off season etc..

So if you would like any more info on me, just let me know, my AIM S/n is in my profile as well as my e-mail.

Also, I'd appriciate it if you guys/gals could give me some more info.. Im reading up on the sport, and want to learn as much as I can.. hit me up, I'd love to have a few AIM buddies to chat with about cycling!

- Amn. Rob Hopper