I'm an 18-year-old sophomore in college who first learned to ride a bike about a year and a half ago. Had a cheap walmart bike for about 2 months until it fell apart. Got a Trek 3700 that I've been using and abusing, and now it's sitting in pieces on my floor until I can get my hands on a new rear wheel and BB. I got the idea in mid-february that going fast was just about the greatest thing ever, and even though I love mountain biking, I liked going fast even more. And I have a competitive streak that gets me in all sorts of trouble. At the time, I was supposed to be finding someone to buy a friend's roadie. When I got back home for the summer, though, I went over to his house, hopped on the bike, and rode it around for about 2 miles. I got back to his house, and told him that it fit me perfectly. We rode for a while together (he raced until he got hurt a few years ago, so he has a fair collection of bikes), and he agreed. So instead of selling it, I bought it. Now I'm doing my best to train for races. I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, or how I should be doing it, I just ride as much as I can, and have a blast doing it.

I also like to take bikes apart and put them together in my spare time, and I'm hoping to build up a chopper for crusing around campus sometime in the next year.

Oh, and my name is because all my friends are too skinny, and they complain about being cold. Put on a few layers of fat, and that problem will go right away!