This is a great site, full of knowledgeable and helpful folks.

We live in Sonoma County, California, with lots of beautiful rollers, coastal hills, dairy and wine country to ride in. Our roads are abysmally rough, but you can't have everything. I'm lucky enough to get in three to four good 40-50 mile rides a week.

I've been riding seriously for a couple of years, and bought myself a Calfee Luna Pro a little less than a year ago. My husband rides a Seven, and the two of us are ordering a Co-motion tandem this year for our 25th anniversary.

Several of the forums here look great: I've gotten some very helpful info from the tandem forum, I qualify for the "Over 50" forum, and in the past I've found all kinds of useful info when trying to decide what wheels to get, etc. I hope at some point I'll be able to share some useful knowledge with all of you as many have already done for me.