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Thread: Hello, I'm new!

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    Hello, I'm new!

    I am Tombiker. I found this site looking for information on a Takara Competition bike I intend to race in the Senior's Division next year in Rochester, New York. The bike - covered in dust and with a flat tire was about a half an hour away from being eaten by a Waste Management Disposal Truck when I adopted it into my bike family!

    I use the Bike as my primary mode of transportation (though having a Driver's License) because of the economy and the great health incentives (except when dodging automobiles!).

    One bike I call my Presidential Bike - an old mountain bike that everyone who sees the darn thing recommends my throwing it away instead of putting a dime into.

    My Schwinn is a $15.00 50th Aniversary Addition of what I believe to be the Continental Model.

    I've got a Mongoose, needing new front forks, and

    Latest addition to my family is the Takara - which I shall race.

    I generally find a lot of bikes that are thrown away curb side, but usually also find a owner for them within a few hours.

    I'd like to note that in Rochester, New York, we have a proffessional race each year using a down town loop that the Pro's have noted to be one of the best they ride due to the changes in elevation and the setting amongst our buildings - we even have a series of "esses" like a chacain (forgive the spelling) that is really a great vantage point.

    It's nice to be part of this forum and I'm really impressed as to the amount of conversation in this forum.


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    Welcome aboard!
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