I have been a daily commuter for a little over a year now on my 00' GT Mountain Bike, with a commute of 9 miles a day. But after riding all winter long (breathing cold air seriously reduces energy) I noticed how good shape I got when my rides suddenly got real easy this spring. So I decided to upgrade to a road bike. I now own a 05' Cannondale R500 Triple, it is a huge improvement over the mountain bike, without even trying it cut 5 minutes off of my commute. I also now go out for approx an hour every morning when I come home from work (yes I work oevernights) so this adds up to around 20-25 miles a day. I am still doing some adjusting and fine tuning to my R500, including a shorter stem, and possibly a new saddle. I am hoping to get myself ready to do the local MS150 at the pace a friend of mine wants to do it in. Anyway, I might not post a lot in the beginning, I like to a lot of reading and learning first.