so whats up people. My name is Tony Ace....(Ecaynot). I live in Virginia Beach I moved about 1 year ago, I came from Flordia,West Palm Beach .I do miss the rides we used to have. Well I'm here now. I own a few bikes 1 mountain bike ( INTENSE ) and 1 roadie ( GT ). it's been about 7 months since I road any bikes. The only thing I ride is a ( Quickie XTR ) wheelchair believe this I found a chair with a shock (ROC SHOCK ) in the middle. I had a small accident with a motorcycle, lost the use of my legs. its a pain knowing that i will not ride again. so the next thing i need to do is ...............SALE !!!!!
my toys...well I must run out ( hahaha ) untill next time my friends

Tony Ace