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Thread: 1st thread?

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    Looks like I'm going to make the first thread for Introductions! I live in Poland, Maine. I'm 31 years old. Married with 2 year old son. I have 3 bikes. 1st bike was a Bridgstone MB-6. Pretty much an ornament now. Then in 98 I bought a Schwinn S-30. Took about 4 or 5 years off from biking. Then got back into it last year, and realized my bike needed parts. So instead I bought a Haro X1. I lend the Schwinn out to friends to try MTBing. So far 2 friends have since bought thier own bikes. I like technical single track best. Downhill is fun too, but haven't done much of it. That's pretty much it. Anyone else here from Southern Maine?


    Sorry, but as you all can see.....I'm not to sharp. I just saw all the other Intro threads. For some reason I didn't see them, and thought I was the first.
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    1st response?

    Welcome to the forum.
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