I live in Leicester, England - which is practically in the centre of the country about as far away from the coast as you can get.
Bike-wise, i have been through many phases, and am currently riding my mums old three gear ladies raleigh upright, a beach-cruiser style bike and also a hybrid for longer distance stuff.
i have ridden a bike for about as long as i can remeber, and still cant drive a car at 33.

I fell in love with bike touring in 1993 when my sister and i cycled the Spanish part of the Camino de Santiago. This is both a European long distance footpath and cycle route. Various pilgimrage routes - from Britain / France / Italy - converge in Northern Spain, and people walk and ride along this route.
i am not religious! But this is a spritiual route and i would recomend it to anyone!

i am not techy - i dont care what bike people ride - i can get myself from A to B and deal with most repairs.
I am involved in the running of a bike festival in Leicester.
And i think this is more than enough.