Hi all thought I would do the neighborly thing and post here. I am looking to get a bike for the 1st time in, time out to think, ok best I can figure is 15+ years, I was 21 when I joined the Marines and it was before that when I last really rode a bike. I have wanted to get a decent Mtn.Bike for years now and we just did not have the money to spare. Now I am married with a step-son and three of my own. I am looking to get a Kona Hoss Deeluxe due to the fact that age and health have got me in the upper end of being a clydesdale rider. My goal is to also get a trailer so I can ride the bike to work and also drop the kids off at daycare and to try and get healthy. Next year my goal if all goes well will be to enter a WORS.org race. So that is it in a nut shell, for those of you with Hoss's I look forward to chatting with you and anyone in the Fox Valley drop me a line.