I was searching for info on rollers this morning and came across this forum so, needing to get motivation, I'm jumping in .

I burned out on riding about 8 years ago, gaind 60 Lbs and got lazy....it's time to change a few things! I ride a Sampson Kalispell TI (Shimano 9 and Spinergy wheels) most. I rode a little over 10,000 miles in '96 but persoal "things" led to dramatic decreases in motivation and miles over the next two years. By '02-'03 I could hardly sit the bike.

Well, I'm determined to come back....maybe not to the level I once was, but I'd like to be able to do the metric at the Tour de Cape next year and maybe the Century in '07!

Hope to see some of you arond...here and on the road!