Im looking to meet people in NY that would like to bike around anytime through the entire week 10-15-30- 60 or 100 milers, at a mutually comfortable pace ,I love to race and put out but i also have the patience to ride slowly for hours (recovery rides).I am also interested in racing short distances like 5-10 milers.

I ride a TREK 700 hybird (300$)
I use a polar HR monitor
lactate threshold varies 165-175. I weigh 160 Lbs, 5'9 bodyfat 12 % .

Ive been biking several times a week from bayridge brooklyn (NY)to the upperwest side in the city and back for the past few years and I am constantly improving my fastest times and must say that its a great ride through NYC. yesterday I made it from Brooklyn Bayridge to w72st in manhattan in 42 minutes(avg.HR176 max 196), last thursday I went from Bayridge Brooklyn to Ridgewood NJ in 2:30 minutes avg hr 157 max 185. Im definatley going to start riding street bikes with the thiner tires and Im confident that when I do it will be a great advantage that all this time ive been training on a heavy hybird with thicker tires. Tell me if you would like to go for a ride or if you know about racing in the NY metro AREA i would love to join up and take it to the next level .