Hi, I've used these forums recently for info on saddles, and was most fortunate to find all the info I needed. Today I thought I would join so I could post a question. Glad I did seems like a great place to ask some questions or give helpful advice.

I live in Richmond VA and a year ago sold my crisscross schwinn hybrid and bought a $10 centurion and fixed it. see Vince Colvin's Centurion at www.fixedgeargallery.com. I quickly fell in love with my conversion and then learned how to build my own wheels and work maintinance on most all the parts of my new minimalist bike. Four months later I struck black gold and bought a GT GTB off of ebay with a bunch of ugly parts on it. Since then I have been ever joyous rocking my track bike. I used to commute daily to classes and work, now I just commute to work. I was doing regular night ride with some friends but my riding friend is in Norway for the summer. Once the weather turns cold again I am doing an overnighter to williamsburg with my girlfriend who I turned to the fixed side last spring. For now you can catch me biking to work in the mornings or whitewater kayaking on the james after work. Richmond is the S#!T.