Firstly...not a local. Not to offend any actual locals, but that disclaimer usually fends off a long list of questions and assumptions. I'm a viper driver stationed at Hill AFB. Last christmas, as a little something for us, my wife and I purchased a couple of Haro V-series mountain bikes. These were intended to be a recreational thing...then I started reading about maintenance, which led me to reading about commuting, bicycle advocacy, etc...which led to alot more riding...which led to bike commuting to work (approx. 10 miles one way), which is about to lead me to purchase a Fuji Absolute or Silhouette. (Yeah, she's thrilled with the money I'm now spending.) So. Howdy! I love that Haro, and I've changed the tires and added panniers...but I've kinda reached a speed limit on it. What else...I'm a KU grad from Kansas. I guess that's about it.