I think cycling is the next best thing to flying and you arms don't hurt so much. I've been riding now for 35 years and just recently did a 215 km ride on a trek 1000 road bike. I'm just glad I made it home. The headwinds were gusting up to 50 km/hr and the tempature was 33 c. I'm looking into buying a touring bike because of the technical problems (BROKEN SPOKE AND GEARS THAT WOULDN'T SHIFT) it took me 9.5 hours and 16 water bottles/ 20 high carb cookies. It was a good experience. I'm a father of 5 girls and try not to let cycling interfere with family life. My youngest are twins and I enjoy putting them in thier trailor and dragging them up steep hills just for the excercise. I believe cycling is the best cardio workout and can be done till the day you die.

Enjoy Your Nature.