Long time lurker... Decided I should contribute. Thanks for all the great info over the last couple years. Now I know enough to feel like I can actually make a worthwhile contribution from time to time.

I ride a 2004 Giant OCR2 most of the time. Also have a very old all alumminum Cannondale - Ol' faithfull!

Very novice Cat 5 racer. Main goal is to be an official finisher in Finger Lakes 400 and Furnace Creek 508. Someday get an invitation into RAAM.... So far my best time is 108 miles in a 6 hour race that was mostly flat. Recently my son (11) has started riding w/ me. So my "training" has changed. We are having a blast riding together. His friends don't understand a little 40 mile Saturday morning ride.

Nothing clears my head better than a ride at dawn!