I've been biking since 1997 when I picked it up again after a long time off (25+ years...). Hopped on the same bike (1974? English Raleigh SuperCourse - 10spd, friction shift on the downtube...), however -- maybe not the best move I ever made. Rode N/NE of St. Charles, MO where it was nice & flat, paved farm roads, little traffic, and people were accustomed to seeing riders out on the roads. Pretty nice with the exception of the wind at the end of the day -- always seemed like it was a headwind coming back into town.

Moved down to a small town in SE MO in '99, graduated to a re-built Gitane in 2001, did a handful of MS150s on that bike, bought a brand new Raleigh SuperCourse (sentimental choice there, perhaps, but its been a good bike...), did some more MS rides in 2003, and then its been mostly riding around locally trying to get some miles in without being too big a target for the vehicularly uncouth around here that seem to make up a large segment of the driving public.

I've done the KATY trail (not all of it...), ride St. Joe State Park regularly, done a couple of Tour de Stooges, a Tour de Cape, hope to get another Rock-n-Roll MS150 in this year (probably the best MS tour I've found -- it's the ride for the Mid-South chapter that leaves out of Memphis, middle of September).

I used to average 16-17 mph on most rides; that's down to 13-14 mph this year. I'd like to think that it is a function of where I'm riding now (state park trail vs. road) rather than age...