Glad to be here. I'm a bike commuter and recreational cyclist from the Boston area. My ride is currently a battered 1990-era hybrid MTB with many pounds of commuter-bike appendages and thin tires, but I'm actively looking for a serious road bike now -- I want to have some fun!

My commute is to Natick, 20 miles each way, so I only do that a couple of times per week. The route is long and the bike is slow, but the ride keeps me in shape, and some of the roads are so beautiful that it makes it all worthwhile! I pass the reservoir in Waltham, ride through Weston, and wind through back roads in Wellesley before getting to work. Groups of evening riders pass me on the way home, and I'd sure like to be able to keep up with them.

I live close to the Minuteman bike path, where I often bike, rollerblade, or ski, depending on the season.