Just a short note to introduce myself.

I am a computer networking instructor at Northwest Iowa Community College in Sheldon Iowa. Bicycling has been a passion of mine now for nearly two years although I have been utilizing a bicycle for years as a means of transportation. After I read about Lance my life has begun to change. I avidly followed the Tour de France this year. I have never really admired anyone before but this man deserves my recognition.

For the last two years I have been exclusively riding back and forth to work ( 3 miles one way ) and do lunch by biking home and back. I have been riding in snow ( over drifts if possible ), rain, sun, and any other weather that happens. I was able to start in February this year due to the fact that we had very little snowfall lately. The ice is a bit tricky, but patience prevails. I usually ride until the snow is too deep to ride through which is typically anywhere from November to December.

Lately I have been extending my ride length, ( 15 miles ) and plan to continue to progress until I get beyond the century mark. The annual Ragbri ride through Iowa has caught my interest and I would like to go next year. There are few if any persons around this area ( northwest corner of Iowa ) that I know of that are passionate riders so I have to ride alone. Perhaps someone from this immediate area is on the forum and we can work together. I am interested in doing other rides and possibly competition in the future.

I have to say that I am impressed with the athletic prowess of the dedicated bicyclists, so much so, that perhaps one day I will be in as fit of a condition as I see they are. It is inspiring to me every time I see someone on their bike that has achieved this level ( I saw a few this year as the Ragbri riders rode through my town )


Hello to all and until then,

Rodney Crater