Well Everett and Seattle actually. I live in Everett and work in Seattle. I've been riding my bike to and from the bus stops into and out of Seattle lately, but want to start doing more riding. My current bike is a Schwinn Mesa GSX MTB. It's OK for the short rides I have now, but won't do for the longer rides I'd like to start doing. My current ride is about 1/2 mile to the bus stop and about 4-5 miles to and from the stop n Seattle.

I'd like to start riding to a farther stop on the way into work and possibly do a full bike trip into and out of Seattle from Everett. Currently it's 25 miles from my house to my office, but on a bike I'dd have to add at least 5-10 miles on that for the non-direct route.

I'm looking at 2 different bikes right now. A Trek 1200 and a Specialized Sirrus. I know the Sirrus is a hybrid, but I hear those are good for commuting. Plus I'd like to take the family out for rides on their bikes also and think that would be a better choice. The 1200 on the other hand would be better on longer rides like into seattle.

Decisions, decisions.

Thanks for looking.